As a 76 years old woman, I take extremely seriously the warning to stay home to avoid infection with the coronavirus. I have not gone out for two weeks so far and fortunately I am okay with this. I could have survived in Noah’s ark!!! I also follow hand washing or use of sanitizer and food handling advice. Already, I am a hand washing fanatic!

Before the World Health Organization and governments made announcements about the coronavirus crisis, I had started doing a few things to keep and feel safe. I had heard infection from this virus had happened in a few countries. I become highly concerned about my safety and that of family and friends. I was also concerned about my country and wherever I travelled to as well as the whole world.

After official recommendations from WHO and governments,I got myself more sanitizer wipes which I used on my hands and that of my grandchildren whenever we went out. I washed /wiped my face and neck when I returned home from shopping, etc. Where necessary, I wiped the sole of my shoes as well!

I was already washing fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating. And I already was eating all cooked food HOT! So I continued doing that. I made sure my grandchildren and myself continued to wash our hands before meals and after all other activities that required hand washing .

I was also wiping my phone with ordinary wipes or semi dry tissue dipped in handwash. Now I use sanitizer wipes with alcohol. I started wiping my hands when I entered an Uber and when I got out. I stayed several feet from people when I went out in case they coughed or sneezed! Now I have taught my grandchildren to put their hands together as a way of greeting people instead of shaking hands – the Prince Charles way- did you watch his video on that issue?

I read or repeat more often from memory some Bible verses. A few are Psalms 23- THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD, I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED…. , Psalm 46 -GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, ALWAYS READY TO HELP IN TIMES OF TROUBLE….., Palm 91- THOSE WHO LIVE IN THE SHELTER OF THE MOST HIGH,WILL FIND REST IN THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY. ….. These are all quoted from the New Living Translation. I also sing hymns of praise like PRAISE TO THE LORD,THE ALMIGHTY, THE KING OF CREATION…..

I also read online a lot of encouraging messages especially Christian ones and forward some of them to loved ones. And I make calls to these people as often as possible. I even exercise through dancing inside the apartment, singing favourite gospel songs. I however try not to be in the way of family members.

Instead of convenience, I recommend to everyone to think more about the usefulness of advice / orders from government and genuine health authorities to keep safe and healthy. Also I pray every one is able to maintain faith and trust in God while maintaining ties with family and friends. All this will help us keep sane , relaxed and without fear and with less worry.

Timeline for Going Through the Day

Let’s all try to find ways, or read what other are doing to keep the coronavirus away from us and our loved ones including oldies like me.



Add yours

  1. Ohhhh I love your blog Amelia. Your heart is pure and full of divine energy. Loved too, your schedule: saw that you watch online service & wondered if youd like to join my lil family at Fellowship. That’s our daughter talking on Faithful affliction. She’s the eldest. Our son Johann is blind, and recovering from health issues, but God is so good. We have three kids, gifted by God.
    I’m so touched that you visited today. Do stay safe,
    Warm greetings,

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  2. I love this piece Aunty Miimi. I still remember the handwashing many years before the Corona virus. I think I could do with a similar schedule for myself to keep me active at this time. Blessings and keep looking young.

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