Some of the friends I made during my working life were prepared to do practically anything for me provided they got to know my needs. And yet my relationship with a few of them did not start well!

I wanted Araba to provide a service for me that I needed urgently. She insisted it was not proper to help me and she stood her ground. I was deeply hurt but I soon got over my hard feelings.

Working for the same institution brought us together and we became close friends. I never referred to the incident and I believe she forgot altogether about it. I found myself receiving sound advice and kind deeds from her that other colleagues never thought of giving. I also occasionally related to her in ways that raised her morale. We are still great friends and I deeply respect what she has achieved in her life.

In another case , Felix a fellow worker embarrassed me in front of other people . Naturally I did not like what happened . I later had to be going to his office in the course of my work and found out he was and still is a very pleasant person. After some time, he obtained a service for my family that I could not have received any other way!

This gentleman and I are now pensioners but we call each other occasionally to find out how our families are getting on.

I remember these valuable friends not for what I initially felt were their hurtful behaviours . I do often think about how beautiful our relationships turned out for me and for each of them. I benefited from knowing them more than they did knowing me.

I am extremely grateful to my father who was a pastor and who taught me how to relate to people who offend me and who I offend. I am also grateful to God for bringing these two people into my life.

Of course I try to ensure nobody takes undue advantage of me whenever I can help it.

And I wonder if any of my readers remember similar experiences from their lives!

A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need ( Proverbs 17:17 Bible NLT ).

Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone . Dear friends , never take revenge…… ( Romans 12 :18-19a Bible NLT ).


I have changed the names of my friends to hide their identities.

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