Kweku lost his father eight years ago. And he has six siblings. Since the bereavement, his mother has been selling cosmetics and foodstuffs on a small scale to support her family. What money Kweku’s father left his family was invested in treasury bills but it has not been enough as most of the children are in school.

A couple of years after his father passed away, I met Kweku’s mother and her little twins at church and we fast became friends or Christian sisters. I am always attracted to twins and their parents especially mothers!

I soon met the other children and noticed their intelligence! Kweku was an SHS graduate, that is he had completed high school and wanted university education passionately. The private universities were too expensive for his mother’s pocket so he was home for at least two years.

Kweku desired to study information technology but he could not afford to buy a laptop. He therefore accepted admission to one of the public universities for another course. ( He later taught himself that subject). How was Mother going to find money for fees, books, feeding and other expenses? Fortunately, mom could fall back on the treasury bills for fees or part of his fees every year. She worked extremely hard.

Friends, some church members and the extended family also provided various amounts of financial assistance from time to time. Kweku acquired internet and computer skills and soon was earning a little money. He also engaged in selling health supplements on commission basis. He led a very frugal life during his four years at university.

Kweku graduated recently with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Second Class Upper) in Geography. He is now doing his one year national service as Assistant IT Administrator at a school. Family, church members and friends are so proud of his achievement! They pray he continues to do even better in life.

I am aware other people who are worse off in life than Kweku have done just as well or better in life. So I plead with Kweku and such folks to encourage others like them to also struggle to achieve a better life for themselves.

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