Those of us who are married know how household chores and child care can terribly affect marriages in these modern times if proper care is not taken to handle issues.

In many societies and marriages, wives do and are expected to run the home- doing most if not everything involved in that area. These include cleaning the home, cooking, laundry, washing plates, pots and pans, and looking after children. Some husbands, not many I believe, need almost as much care as their children!

This load on wives unfortunately exists even when they have full time and highly demanding jobs outside the home. Such women have to plan their lives like clockwork so both their homes and formal jobs do not suffer. Where the couple can afford paid assistance or can secure help from a relative, that goes a long way to relieve the stress on the marriage.

I must mention there are, and I know some gentleman husbands. They are able to run their homes and look after their children properly when their wives are absent from the home studying or working. These men do very well.

The benefits are enormous for the couple where husbands and wives, manage to voluntarily share chores and child care, not necessarily equally, but rather according to need, interest and ability.

For husbands, they get to realize the important aspects of their role in the home. When these husbands are not available for even the shortest period, their wives and the children miss their men very dearly. Such husbands ensure cars are in top shape all the time, equipment and gadgets function smoothly, everyone feels safe, among other chores . Their wives make sure their men are aware of how special and important they are to them- the women and the entire family.

The wives also ensure their men do not feel what they do for the smooth running of the home is their ( the men’s) job. Rather what husbands perform is their contribution to creating a happy home where all members are comfortable. Men whose wives push household chores on them tend to be unwilling to help in running the home; some even withdraw “their services” altogether!

Helpful husbands get the wonderful bonus of wives who are not tired any time of the day to relate to them, and who become active, cooperative companions in the bedroom. Such women never pretend they have a headache when it’s time for sex!!!

Wives feel more loved and more desired by their husbands. These women are contented spouses who are more than willing to do whatever makes life easy, comfortable and satisfying for their husbands. They don’t feel used as if they are just unpaid cooks , housekeepers and sex objects!

Smart husbands and wives appreciate each other verbally and in action for what they do to make life comfortable for members of their families.

Mutual assistance in keeping home and family together and comfortable must be the aim of every couple whether they have paid assistance or help from relatives. Another precious bonus develops from this situation: children grow very close to parents who take special interest in their care and welfare. Fathers in particular tend to benefit from this attitude, especially in their old age when the children return the attention their dads gave them.

Where the couple shares the same faith and sincerely practice it in their prayer and family life, they receive additional boost in contentment and closeness in their relationship. Their influence on the children’s lives also tends to be very positive.

Such a marriage never drifts towards divorce!!!

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh – Genesis 2:24 (ESV).


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  1. Nice message grandma
    this message should reach out to every man preparing to enter into marriage and especially we the youth


  2. Today I was speaking to a friend who is returning to work after 9 months of maternity leave. She is worrying about school pick ups and chores because her husband’s job does not give him the flexibility to help with household chores. The alternative is to get a fulltime housekeeper (expensive in London)or become a fulltime stay-at-home mum. Sometimes, the constraints of work and society makes it impossible for parents to contribute to the house. And sometimes this becomes a stressful subject at home. Whose career is more important? Who should sacrifice his or her career? Do we measure this only based on income? From my own experience and other women my age, this is a big question/conundrum in modern society


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